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Here’s an update on the upside down tomatoes I planted as per the instructions in my previous post, Planting Upside Down Tomatoes, as well as some pictures. As you can see, they’re doing well. Especially considering they got a very late start and have only been in the buckets for about 2 weeks now.






















This last picture shows the cool plant hangers my husband welded for hanging the upside down tomato plants on as well as a couple of other planters (I’ll be planting some more hanging baskets in the next few days to hang on the two empty hooks).







Happy gardening.


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It looks as though I’ve finally found a place in our garden that’s sheltered enough for the Rosemary to make it through the winter. Hip-hip-hurrah!

Although Rosemary is considered a perennial in warmer regions, here in central Oregon, where winters are cold and harsh and usually accompanied by lots of snow, it’s commonly regarded as an annual.

There are ways to get around this though. One way is to plant the Rosemary in a big pot which is placed in the ground during the summer and then cleaned up and brought inside for the winter months. Not exactly what I care to do. If I grow Rosemary inside, it’s doomed to stay inside.

Another solution is to plant the Rosemary in a place that is adequately protected from the harsh winter elements. This is what I’ve attempted to do and it seems that I’ve found the perfect spot.

Last spring, after another year of losing our Rosemary to the harshness of winter, I planted a new plant in the protection of our privacy fence. It is now nestled up to a 6 ft. tall section, near an inside corner, and further sheltered by a small boulder. The result is beautiful in the summer and aparently adequate protection for the winter.

As we’ve had very little warm weather yet this season the rosemary is not back to its peak, but when it warms up enough for it to flourish, I will post pictures. Until then . . .

Happy gardening!

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