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One of my favorite garden vegetables are peas. From the time I was a little girl, I have loved to pick peas fresh out of the garden, pop them open and devour the sweet, tender peas nestled inside.












And, joy oh joy, the peas are nearly ready for the first harvest! Most years we would have been well into enjoying a bounty of peas by this time, with several harvests in the freezer (and under our belts – quite literally) but with the strange weather we’ve been having this year, the peas are only now beginning to fill out.

I planted the pea garden with two different types of peas this year; Little Marvels and Green Arrows, both purchased from Gurney’s Seed & Nursery  . The peas shown in the picture above are the Little Marvels and are already producing. The peas shown in the picture below are the Green Arrows and are just beginning to bloom.












Both types are bush peas and do not require staking, which is an added benefit to their high productivity and plump pods filled with sweet, tender peas.

By planting peas with varying times to maturity, we’ve managed to stretch the length of harvest and can savor the time of garden fresh peas even longer.

I hope your vegetable garden includes a pea patch and you and your family are enjoying all the taste and health benefits that garden fresh peas have to offer.

Happy gardening!


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Don’t you just love the delicate beauty of the Bleeding Heart? This one is in its second year and simply thriving.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a Bleeding Heart in her shade garden at the front of her house. I was captivated by the curious little “hearts” that covered the delicate plant and knew that when I was grown up and had a garden of my own, a Bleeding Heart would most certainly grace it.

Here I am, many years later, and I finally have a Bleeding Heart that far surpasses the one in my grandmother’s garden.

So what’s the secret to a beautiful Bleeding Heart? Truth be told, I really don’t know how this one even survived, let alone thrives. We recently built an addition to our home and in the process we replaced the belly band and had the entire house repainted. The poor Bleeding Heart (and everything else in that particular flower bed) was abused in the process. A trench was dug next to it, dirt mounded on top of it and then scraped off again, and it was trompled unmercifully for several months. I was certain it was dead.

But, with the coming of spring it emerged and quickly grew into the thriving beauty shown in this picture. It has bloomed twice already this summer and is now in its third round of blooms. This picture was taken about a month ago and this Bleeding Heart has grown so much in that month that the mushrooms next to it are barely visible.

I am so impressed with this plant’s stamina and beauty that I recently planted another one in the corner shade garden, with hopes that it will do just as well at gracing the corner of the yard with its delicate bleeding hearts.

Happy gardening!

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