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One of my favorite garden vegetables are peas. From the time I was a little girl, I have loved to pick peas fresh out of the garden, pop them open and devour the sweet, tender peas nestled inside.












And, joy oh joy, the peas are nearly ready for the first harvest! Most years we would have been well into enjoying a bounty of peas by this time, with several harvests in the freezer (and under our belts – quite literally) but with the strange weather we’ve been having this year, the peas are only now beginning to fill out.

I planted the pea garden with two different types of peas this year; Little Marvels and Green Arrows, both purchased from Gurney’s Seed & Nursery  . The peas shown in the picture above are the Little Marvels and are already producing. The peas shown in the picture below are the Green Arrows and are just beginning to bloom.












Both types are bush peas and do not require staking, which is an added benefit to their high productivity and plump pods filled with sweet, tender peas.

By planting peas with varying times to maturity, we’ve managed to stretch the length of harvest and can savor the time of garden fresh peas even longer.

I hope your vegetable garden includes a pea patch and you and your family are enjoying all the taste and health benefits that garden fresh peas have to offer.

Happy gardening!


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Yeah! I found the disc with pictures from our garden’s first year. These were taken in mid to late summer, 2006. 

Shade garden catnip ring 2006

Corner shade garden and catnip tree ring in the first year, 2006.


Herb garden yr 1 2006

Herb garden in barrels, 2006.


Back garden area from south view

South view of our back garden area in its first year, 2006.


Vege garden view 1st yr

This is a view of the vegetable garden and the full-sun flower beds, 2006.

In the pictures (today’s and the ones in the last post) you’ll notice an old wooden chest and an old washboard. I have a passion for antiques and love scouting Estate sales and auctions. I keep an eye out for items that make unique planters. I found the wooden chest, washboard and an old milk pail (which sits by our small garden gate) all at the same Estate sale – score! 

I like to fill the milk pail with white Allysum, which spills over the sides and looks like a pail full of frothing milk. I don’t seem to have any pictures of it, but I will take some this summer and post them.

The wooden chest was lying on the property amid a bunch of “junk”. I noticed that several people looked at it and after lifting the lid, closed it and hurried off, not giving the chest a second glance. When I went to investigate I discovered the reason for their hasty retreat; the chest was a treasure trove of wasps. As it was an early spring morning the wasps were lethargic, so I carefully took the nest out of the chest and placed it inside another wooden box, which was in worse shape, and took my treasure home. With a little TLC, it has since made a beautiful planter for our garden. 

That’s it, all the pictures of our garden’s first and second seasons. I hope you enjoyed them! 

Happy gardening!

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